What I'm doing now

Inspired by Derek Sivers’ rather handsome now page, I though this would be a better way to share life news than contributing to your already anxiety-inducing torrent of tweets and Facebook posts.


Last November I married my soulmate. Mrs Claire Upton. It’s our first year of marriage and we’re loving it. Except my snoring… she’s not so keen on that.


Something else exciting (albeit less so) also happened in November. After spending 11 months at an early stage startup I returned to my team at Geckoboard in a brand new role.

We have a growing microservice architecture built mostly with Go, but at its core is an ageing Ruby monolith. It has served us well but the time has come to give it a well earned retirement.

My day to day work involves breaking up this system into small, well bounded services and chopping off the dead bits along the way. It’s a bit like changing the wheels on a moving bus! I’m writing a lot of Go and gRPC code which is fun.

I think my new laptop sticker is a pretty good representation of the work:

My job description as a sticker


Claire and I are leading a small group at our local church. We meet weekly to dig into The Bible, talk about Jesus and share each other’s joy and pain. I love the way that the group looks out for each other. We cook for families with newborns and help each other get to the hospital when we break a bone or something (not a common occurrence, but it has happened). It’s a wonderful community to belong to and I feel honoured to play my small part.

We’re also part of the worship band. Claire sings like an angel and I make various other noises.

Hopes + Ambitions

Finally, I’m thinking about writing a book! (or series of long-form articles). That’s about as many details as I’m prepared to share in public at the moment.

Updated 10th April 2018